Monday, 24 October 2011


Thanks to Jim Ewan and Craig B, Straydog, studio 26, WLD WLVS and everyone else who I've shamefully forgot to mention for giving me the opportunity to exhibit my work over the last two weeks.

The closing night was a massive success and I'm glad so many folks came down to see it. Cheers also to Craig Hendo for helping out with the live performance, (Couldn't have pulled it off without you dude).

If anyone in any other city would like to exhibit my work in say, Glasgow or Edinburgh (or anywhere in between...hint, hint...), be sure to give me a shout!

I am going into hiding to create some more work...

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Still Plugging this...if anyone hasn't heard it yet, get on it. I'll be doing a live performance this Friday (21st October). Quite similar to the stuff I've done here. Possibly collaborating with some guest musicians/artists...almost entirely improvised (anything could happen).

The audio acts as a soundtrack to my work, slow pulses, cold and expansive, sometimes an audio assault, terrifying, threatening, sometimes subtle and hopeful.

I'll be creating and recording more soon once I get some money together to buy some more gear. Playing music is the most expensive hobby ever.

Repost and tell all your friends to come down and see the show sometime this week as the 21st is also the closing night of my exhibition.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thanks to Craig and Jim and everyone at Studio 26 for their help and support with showing my exhibition in their space. If you have not been down yet, there is still time. It goes on till the 21st October where I will be performing a drone set hopefully with some guests...(with a film screening intermission on the 14th, details on the poster)


I decided to create a blog as a temporary place for people to view my work online until I get a proper website made up. This is a mix of work from my time at art school and some bits and pieces I've done since then. All feedback and criticism is welcomed...just keep it constructive. Thanks.